Who is David?

I am an Indonesian who finishes his Interior Design degree in Sydney Australia. I been in the Interior Design industry for more over a decade internationally and locally. I began my interior design journey because of the love with 3d max, vray renderings.

I love interior design in such a way that I can treat the empty space as a blank canvas for all the functional shapes and color to speak with the user. I believe a great interior design is a space where it can communicate simply without the need for anyone to pass the message to the user.

For example, an entrance like a book cover need to have a title page, hence it should indicate a signage. Another is the aesthetic value should not be there only for the eye only, however it has to have a purpose, whether it is to direct people to their seats, or to segmentize the area for a certain function. These aesthetic can be implied through the use of interesting shape and variaties of colours and materials.

Not only all of the above, It also has to provide the exact solution to overcome all the constrains of the space that fits with the client's requirement.